I feel like I’ve lost everything, like my entire world has been ripped apart and I don’t know how to fix it. It’s like a hole has been torn out of my heart. What do you do when the person who means everything suddenly stops talking to you?
Please don’t give up.
I won’t.





"I love you, baby. There’ll never be a day that goes by without me thinking about how much you made me smile…
Please, god, please don’t let this be nothing. I don’t want you to slip through my fingers…
This isn’t the end, I promise. I love you, honey.”

Stop me from reading your things please someone stop me crying.


I don’t know if I can manage this without you. The more I think about it the more my heart aches from how much I miss us.

I don’t know what to do with myself other than to curl up in a ball and cry because I miss you so fucking much. 

I’ve probably annoyed you.. I’m sorry. I just really need you.

I need my girl back, more than ever right now.

I miss you so much.

It’s so damn difficult for me to force myself not to talk to you.

when I call someone perfect, it doesn’t mean I think they have no flaws, it doesn’t mean I think they’re the most attractive person on the planet, it doesn’t mean I think they’ve never made any mistakes. when I call someone perfect, it means I love them wholly and entirely despite anything and everything, and that, to me, is perfect.

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19 Jan 13 at 10 pm

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But on another note I had another dream about you last night. They’re starting to make my heart ache again. I hate missing you, your smile, calling each other baby. I miss us..

I’m sorry.. 

I’m so worried about losing you again even though you’re not even mine to lose.